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Wave Soldering Engineer

Location 上海, Shanghai Shi, 中国

求人ID J000639943



• Design and develop improvement of the process of the new product and the design of the tooling. Be responsible for the process stability of the new product project. To be responsible for the improvement and quality control of production products;

• Prepare equipment procedures and set process parameters.

• Prepare the work instruction of WS soldering, select soldering, and other equipment.

• Guide the training of relevant technicians and production line operators according to the process requirements.

• Repair and maintain machine equipment, such as WS, SWS and Coating, to ensure normal product of production lines;

• With the ability to repair equipment commonly used production work treatment equipment and other peripheral equipment.

• Training technicians and operator regularly.

• Prepare the  DFM work for new production input.


• Familiar with the relevant standards of automobile electronic industry, familiar with the IPC and other inspection requirements of the electronic industry.

• Familiar with WS & SWS and the process production process (soldering, maintenance).

• At least five year experience in machine equipment maintenance technology, familiar with the wave soldering Ersa, Speedline, select soldering Ersa, point , PVA and other equipment process operation requirements, and can maintain the normal maintenance.

• Understand electronic components and soldering skills, handle conventional equipment and soldering quality problems, and effectively coordinate and handle the various problems encountered in the production process to ensure the smooth progress of production.

• Familiar with basic knowledge of soldering materials and soldering basic theory, can be skilled in making profile board and familiar with profile measurements, and can apply profile knowledge proficiency to wave soldering

• Responsible for the work, strong team spirit, communication and coordination ability, problem processing ability, organization, expression ability, and responsibility.

• College and undergraduate or equivalent, have a certain English foundation and can communicate in simple English.

• Teamwork spirit.

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